May 2012 in Review

42 more minutes until the end of May is official. I am up past my bed time and just starting to write this blog post. Honestly, I’m staying up because today has been a rough day for me, and I have been really good this month about improving my bedtime habits. There is no pausing time before June starts and I begin my June goals, but I want a break for just one night. I am giving myself grace.

I want to review the month of May. This past month, I committed to myself to work hard on my goals and do my best to accomplish them, even if I had to really force myself and discipline myself. I did work hard. I did not achieve all of those goals, and I can’t say that the month went perfectly. However, I am very satisfied with my progress and how much I have learned this month.

I learned that keeping goals that I set gives me self-confidence. Keeping goals that I set is one way that I can be honest with myself. In the goal-making stage, I need to be honest with myself about whether a perspective goal is realistic or not. In the midst of keeping any goals I set, I need to be true to myself and do what I said I wanted or what I said was most important. When I have reached a goal, I can reap the benefits of being able to say that I have integrity. My word means something, even when I am just talking to myself.

Now, I would not say that my integrity meter is very high if you only look at last month’s goals. But, what I would say is it is higher than it was before and gaining experience this month is a building block to accomplish and reaching more of my goals.

As I look back on the practical aspects of May, one of the first things that comes to mind when I ask myself “What worked in May?” is simply laundry. I knew that if I was going to be working on goals then the “have-to’s” of housework had to run smoothly. So, I tried to set up a laundry routine and each week I tweaked it as needed. I am proud to say that as I write this, I am pretty well caught up on laundry.

I think the reason that laundry did turn out to work so well is not because I stuck to my original routine without any flexibility, but rather because I took the liberty to tweak as necessary. I am going to be taking this approach to other housework goals that I set in the future!

So, pretty much that sums up my month of May. I want to leave May looking at what has been done, and not worry about the rest. Spiritually, I have become aware of several areas in which I really need to grow. As I leave May, I am not forgetting or ignoring those areas, but I am going to spend tonight remembering what has been for me on the Cross. I am going to Jesus for His cleansing power, to be washed in the blood of the Lamb; I am trusting fully in His grace this hour, because I am washed in the blood of the Lamb.


What I learned from Washing Feet

I just had three tween girls over at my house for a sleepover. As part of the sleepover, I gave them an unprofessional pedicure. I washed and scrubbed their feet with an exfoliating scrub, and then painted their toenails. One of the girls was hesitant once I said “feet”. She was embarrassed about her feet. I was quick to reassure her their was nothing to be embarrassed about after finding out why she was embarrassed.

I wondered if I should have insisted that we do our feet, because maybe it was insensitive to gloss over her embarrassment. But at the same time, I wanted her to know there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Each of us has physical characteristics that make us less than perfect, but none of them take away from our beauty as a creation of God.

I contemplated on the whole feet washing incident and compared it with how Christ washed the feet of the disciples. I realized that in some ways, Jesus showed just how much He is willing to see the good, the bad and the ugly in our lives by washing His disciples’ feet. After all, I think it is pretty normal for feet to be dirty, especially back in Jesus’ day. Those feet would have been outright disgusting. But Jesus dealt with the physical disgusting and He will deal with the spiritually disgusting.

Psalm 62:8 “Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.” I remember discovering that verse as a teenage girl. I remember being so excited about this particular verse because it meant that God wanted to hear me. Not only did God want to hear me, but He also wanted to hear everything in my heart. What a beautiful concept. Many embarrassing and even sinful things exist in the heart of a teenage girl, yet God wanted me to pour out my heart to Him.

God wants all of us so that He can have His will and His way in our lives.