Looking Back on Last Week’s Goal

So, I did pretty well on last week’s goal of doing my devotions in the morning before I did (almost) anything else. I have not mastered getting up before my dear daughter yet, but I’m making progress and I can be very happy about that. The amazing thing to me was that I wanted to get up and have that time with God. One day this week I read a facebook message before doing my devotions, the content of the message was definitely on my mind, but I really just almost turned and ran towards my time with God. It was a revealing moment for me. I really struggle in the area of relationships with people. I just don’t feel like I am that good at relationships. I was so relieved to be spending time in a relationship with Someone Who is perfect. It makes the relationship much easier. God loves me and wants me to be in His presence. He is never going to be mad at me to the point that He rejects me. He won’t always like my behavior, but He will always love me. I experienced this in a practical way and the truth was cemented in my head. I’ve been ignoring my relationship with Him when it is exactly what I need. This relationship is overwhelmingly simple and yet so deep at the same time. I really experienced grace and blessing this week. Many areas of my life need the work of the Holy Spirit, but yet, God blesses me where I am at. He walks with me and starts where I am. He calls me beloved. What an awe-inspiring magnificent God!!!!