A Goal for the Week of June 25-30

I am coming off of a weekend that was spiritually convicting and uplifting. My husband and I attended the 2012 CHEO Convention and listened to several amazing speakers including Eric & Leslie Ludy and Voddie Baucham. My most important takeaway from the conference was a statement from Voddie Baucham. He siad “When priorities change, structure changes.” That statement was incredibly challenging to me because I looked at my life and the structure of my time, and I saw where my priorities truly were.

So, as I evaluate this week, I realize that my priorities need to change, which will result in the structure of my days changing. So my first and foremost focus this week is allowing those changes.

In May, I said I wanted to make morning devotions a priority, but seeing as the structure of my day never changed, I obviously never truly made it a priority. I guess my main motivation for actually putting my time with Godfirst, was a session about marriage this past weekend. I realized that I haven’t had God and my relationship with HIM as the main motivation to love my husband. I have been loving my husband because he loves me, and while that is great in some ways, it means I’m missing out on what God can do in my marriage and through my marriage because He isn’t first.

And, other than making morning devotions a priority, I don’t think I want to make any more goals for the week. I do not want distractions. I want to have the utmost focus on doing what I have been convicted to do. God will take care of the rest.